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Pig disease management

How is swine disease spread? There are a number of ways in which disease can spread throughout your pigs. Sometimes diseased or healthy pigs incubate disease, while on other occasions it is transferred from other animals (wildlife, pets, other farm animals), vermin and insects. Animals are not the only source of disease transmission. Movement of people, contaminated feed and bedding, improper disposal of dead animals, or contaminated equipment and vehicles can also contribution to transmission of disease to your animals. 

If you have pigs at some point in time they will become sick and require treatment. It’s important to know when you should contact a veterinarian to ensure a high level of care and wellness for you animals. You should contact a veterinarian if you see some of the following signs:

  • There a high number of sick or dead pigs.
  • Pigs become sick or die of unknown cause.
  • You notice severe and/or bloody diarrhea.
  • You notice nervousness or behaviour changes.
  • You notice a severe hacking cough.
  • Pigs are lethargic, listless or depressed.
  • There is a rapid spread of signs/symptoms.
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