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Pig Health

Keeping pigs healthy includes a comprehensive program that involves providing good feed and water, a clean and appropriate environment, building a strong immune system, and treating sick pigs. By learning the basics of pig behaviour and normal appearance, you can more easily recognize signs of illness, injury, or disease.

  • Effective disease management involves a three-step approach which includes: prevention, identification, and treatment, where biosecurity is the first step in prevention. You are not alone in this — developing effective herd health and disease management protocols should be completed in coordination with a veterinarian.
  • Understanding terminology and differences between normal and abnormal signs of health is an important part of maintaining the best possible welfare for your pigs. A veterinarian can assist you in developing effective herd health and treatment protocols. Proper implementation of vaccination and deworming programs will reduce health-related issues on your farm.
  • Unfortunately, there will be situations where a pig becomes sick or injured with no chance of recovery and will need to be euthanized to relieve their pain and suffering. Your job, as a caregiver, is to recognize when euthanasia is the best treatment option for the pig. When it is, it must be provided as quickly and painlessly as possible.
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